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Precast Concrete Foundation Walls That Provide Many Benefits For Homeowners, Architects and Builders

The Benefits of Superior Walls

A Proven Leader in The Foundation Wall Industry For Almost 30 Years

Superior Walls foundations are the most competitive foundation system available today - providing unmatched benefits for builders and homeowners.

For architects & builders that seek a smart foundation system, Superior Walls offers easily accessible CAD details, concise specifications, state of the art shop drawings, quality controlled manufacturing, Green Building Certification and perfectly executed installations.

Today homeowners demand better made foundations that offer sustainability, energy efficiency, added family comfort, and more living space. They expect their basements match the comfort level of the rest of their home.

Two Superior Products for Precast Foundations & Walls

Outstanding Products for Both Below & Above Grade Walls


Xi From Superior Walls

The Xi has 1/2 inch of Reinforced Polyisocyanurate Insulation covering 2 inches of rigid foam insulation for superior warmth and energy efficiency. Also insulated are the corners, studs and bond beams.

Xi Plus From Superior Walls

The Xi PLUS brings even more features for superior home construction including 1/2 inch of Reinforced Polyisocyanurate Insulation covering 4-1/2 inches of rigid foam insulation.

Xi Features

  • Steel Reinforced Beams – Horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams.
  • Concrete Face Shell – 1-3/4″ concrete face shell.
  • Steel Reinforced Studs – Vertical steel rebar (inside each stud).
  • Steel Stud Facings – Galvanized steel stud facing ready for drywall finishing.
  • DuPont® Insulation – 2-1/2“ DuPont® Extruded Polystyrene Insulation
  • Insulated Bond Beam – 1″ foam insulation on bond beam.
  • Foam Insulated Studs – 1″ foam insulated concrete studs.

Xi Brochure (Click for PDF)

Xi Plus Features

  • Concrete Face Shell:”1-3/4″ concrete face shell.
  • Steel Stud Facings:”Galvanized steel stud facing ready for drywall finishing.
  • Steel Reinforced Beams:”Horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams.
  • Steel Reinforced Stud:”Vertical steel rebar (inside each stud).
  • Rebar Reinforced Studs: Vertical Steel Rebar inside each stud.
  • 4″ Thick Footer Beam: No need for additional screed board.
  • Access Holes:”Access holes for ease in wiring and plumbing.
  • 1/2″ Polyisocyanurate:”Reinforced polyisocyanurate insulation covering 4-1/2″ of rigid foam insulation.
  • DOW® Insulation:”2-1/2″ DOW® extruded polystyrene insulation.
  • Foam Insulated Studs:”1″ foam insulated concrete studs.
  • Insulated Bond Beam:”1″ foam insulation on bond beam.
  • 1″ Foam Insulation: On concrete studs, bond beam, & footer beam.

Xi PLUS Brochure (Click for PDF)

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