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Collier Foundation Systems is proud to represent INSUL-DECK Technology in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. INSUL-DECK is a stay-in-place insulating concrete forming system for post tensioned concrete and joisted concrete floors and roofs. The system is the result of years of research, design and practical field experience. The panels are produced by a continuous molding production line, able to integrate the insulating capabilities of EPS with the structural strength of metal inserts.

Strong, Insulated, Sometimes Heated


INSUL-DECK panels are steel-reinforced, foamed plastic insulation boards used as permanent, stay-in-place concrete formwork for floor and roof construction.

Reinforced concrete joists are spaced at 24" [610mm] on center and poured monolithically with the slab to form a T-Beam reinforced concrete structure. The “pan-form” INSUL-DECK panels are available in several thicknesses / beam-depths to allow varying spans and loads of the one-way concrete slabs.

Each INSUL-DECK panel is custom-cut to the exact length required and reinforced with two continuous, galvanized steel, Z-shaped furring strips (22 Gauge [0.8mm thickness]), which provide attachment points for ceiling finishes and serve as secondary shoring/formwork support.

INSUL-DECK panels do not provide any permanent structural support. Structural support is provided by the reinforced concrete joists and slab topping only, which are designed by a licensed engineer.

Ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional construction, INSUL-DECK buildings are not only more comfortable, quieter and super energy efficient, but can also provide safety from hurricane level winds, fire and floods.

Insul-Deck Logo
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There's 3 Primary Construction Steps For INSUL-DECK

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INSUL-DECK is an extremely fast and versatile construction system for building Floors, Roofs, Tilt-Up Walls and Elevated Buildings.

The stay-in-place insulating concrete forms (ICF) are made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a superior insulation material for many decades. Integrated steel beams are molded into each INSUL-DECK panel creating formwork for the support of concrete, reinforcement, and construction loads with minimal shoring.

The forms are lightweight so that two people can handle each panel with ease. INSUL-DECK also reduces the floors’ weight, producing a T-beam shape instead of a conventional flat slab. Ceiling finishes, such as drywall, can be attached directly to the INSUL-DECK.

Using a patented continuous molding process, INSUL-DECK concrete forms are made-to-order in whatever lengths required to speed up on-site installation. The INSUL-DECK Concrete Decking system is the result of years of research, design, and practical, relevant field experience.

Need a super-strong insulated Roof or Floor?

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